I have been watching the Olympics, especially curling and hockey, both men and women. Even tonight i have a hockey game on, Go! Islanders. I didn't have a real appreciation for hockey until I went to college in Plattsburgh and watch the Cardinals play and win their division several times. I even played broom ball with the others on my dorm floor. We went traying by 'borrowing' meal trays from the dining hall.
Islanders are beating the Blackhawks 5-2 with 5 minutes left to the game. I think the Islanders need some kind of sticky stuff so they don't lose their sticks.

I have wondered if any hockey players would wear panties under their uniforms! Now that would exciting. They wear so much padding and other items who would notice.

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  1. Hockey players used to wear garter-belts / suspenders to hold up their stockings ... but they weren't very pretty!

    I'd imagine there are a number of hockey players who wear panties (secretly) but they would be afraid to ever show up in the locker room wearing them I'm sure ... so many of the jocks are exactly THAT way!