Happy New Year

Its been awhile since I have been here. The few weeks have been not stressful but busy. First it was the book fair at school. Then is was news from Florida that had me concerned, I went to Florida for a few days but there wasn't much I could do to assist with the situation. I felt helpless and not useful. After a few days I came home. It was a long drive down and a long drive back. But I went and i know things will work out but I just wish I could have done more. And they only other excuse is that life got busy, with the holidays and end of the semester work. i have about 2 days left before starting back to school, so I will begin the new year running, just to get ready for Monday.

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I know the new will be better then the old one. I just feel it. I pray with Gods help it will be a better new year for all of us.

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